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  • XNA 4.0 must be installed

Installing from source

  1. Grab the latest source from the source code tab.
  2. Unzip the archive to your desired location.
  1. Create a DLL by:
    1. Open the project and build the project to produce a DLL called RxInputManager.dll.
    2. Move that into your 3rd party libraries/dependencies folder
    3. Reference it within your project.
  2. Referencing the project directly:
    1. Go into Visual Studio, and add an existing project; pointing at the RxInputManager project file.

Notes: Reactive Extensions will automatically be downloaded using the standalone CLI version of Nuget. You will also want to reference the Reactive Extension library (System.Reactive.dll) in order to get the most out of Rx Input Manager.

Installing from binary


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