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Project Description
Event-based input manager for XNA using Reactive Extensions.

Switch away from the update loop and be able to subscribe and handle input events precisely how you want to.

Project Goals

  • Event-driven input
  • Allow for complex interactions using input through well tested Rx plumbing

Project Requirements

  • XNA 4.0
  • Reactive Extensions is automatically downloaded on build. If you're using a binary release you will want to include these in your project to take
advantage of Rx and customizations.

Feature Overview

Mouse Event Streams

  • Mouse Move
  • Mouse Drag
  • Mouse Drag Any (any as in any button)
  • Mouse Click
  • Mouse button held

Keyboard Event Streams

  • Key(s) Pressed
  • Key(s) Held
  • Key(s) Released
  • Keys
  • RawState

Game Pad Event Streams

  • Button Pressed
  • Button Pressed Once
  • Button Released
  • Disconnected and Connected events

  • Cast to Buttons
  • Cast to Triggers
  • Cast to D-pad
  • Cast to Triggers

Generic Additions

  • Double Tap (or double click)
  • Sampled Output (steady throttled events)

Future Features

  • Keyboard Entry support
  • Record/Replay Input Module
  • Interrupt driven mouse and keyboard for efficiency on PCs.
  • Support for additional devices

Project Notice

This project is still in its infancy, and so is the documentation. More documentation is soon to come.

Reactive Extensions currently does not have support for the Xbox. Hopefully it will return.

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